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Spring 2010 Bioregional Campout March 5-7
March 3, 2010, 12:56 pm
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Dear Community,
  Below, please find Sonora’s welcoming invitation to us for the
Campout beginning Friday Evening. We will be having a series of
dialogues designed to come up with a consensus agenda for aiding
Communities in finding ways to empower their respective groups. Friday
Evening will be on Community Health (see Sonora’s schedule below.). The
remainder is as follows:

 – Saturday Morning – 8:00 – Potluck Breakfast
         9:30 – Opening Circle
         10:15ish – Community Food Focus

 – Saturday Afternoon
         12:15 PotLuck Lunch.
          2:00 Community Economics Focus
          4:00 Break for Nature Walk and/or Project Work.
          6::30 – PotLuck Supper
          8:30 – Campfire / Music / Celebration

  – Sunday Morning
          7:30 Stretches / Yoga
          8:15 PotLuck Breakfast
          9:15 Current Development in Austin Community BioRegional
          11:00 Project Work

   – Sunday Afternoon
          12:15 PotLuck Lunch
          2:00 Community Miscellaneous –  Building, Vision,
Consciousness, Facillitation, etc
          3:00 Clean-up and or finish Project Work
          3:45 Closing Circle

The week-end will include brief informational presentations and much
consideration of the early goals amd methods of beginning the
implementation of ReLocalization and Community Infrastucture. The
self-selectors who are Planning the Campouts have dedicated the next few
months to develop the theme of “Setting Community”. And as a week-end
Community we will help set the agenda and vision. Resource people will
be in attendance. Please come and spead the word.

        – – – – – – – – –          – – – – – – – – –          – – – – –
– – – –          – – – – – – – – –  

Dear Community,

It is my greatest pleasure to announce and to welcome you to my place for the BioRegional Congress Campout this upcoming weekend, March 5-7, Friday thru Sunday afternoon!  Setting Community will be the theme for the weekend.  Our favorite Dr. Ted is working on an outstanding agenda. Come join the fun!

Campout will officially start with a potluck on Friday evening at 6:00
and an evening program to follow that.  Please feel free to establish
yourselves out here earlier that day; i.e. bring and unload whatever you need for the weekend, set up sleeping quarters, help with set up, etc. Join us whenever you can!  

We have water, electricity, cozy meeting space, plenty of room
generally…My home and property will dedicated to the enrichment of our Setting Community for the weekend.  Although I am making this offering, I would like to direct any questions you may have to our young Dr.Ted. His email is and home phone is 512-476-1607.  I can answer emails at night .

Plan to bring:  

*    Food and drink.  I have fridge and cooler space.  We’ll all join
in with the cooking and preparation.

*    Bedding.  Camping equipment if you’d like to camp.  We can offer comfy digs inside as well.  

*    Camper RVs.  Be sure to let me know on this one.  We’ll want to set you up more specifically.

*    Musical instruments.  Bring yours.  DRUMS welcome!

Below are the address and directions.  Don’t hesitate to call (or text)
512-736-6159 if you need further instructions.
See you this weekend!  
Love Sonora

8649 Hwy 290 West
Austin, TX  78737