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Ride Share for the Autumn 2009 BioRegional Gathering
September 24, 2009, 2:37 am
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Need a ride to the Autumn 2009 BioRegional Gathering?
If so, post a comment to this post stating your need for a ride. Give your name, contact information, and indicate what area you live in.

Can you offer a ride to the Autumn 2009 BioRegional Gathering?
If so, post a comment to this post stating that you can offer a ride. Give you name, contact information, and indicate what areas you are able pick-up from.


Autumn 2009 Bioregional Camp-Out Sept. 25-27
September 10, 2009, 1:52 am
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SEPTEMBER 25-27th, 2009
Dear Bioregionalists,

It is time for us to focus on what we know in our hearts must happen if we are to live and thrive together upon our little Earth. And though it will take individual effort, it will seem and in fact be easier to the extent that we see ourselves as a team and as co-creators in our lives. There are numerous ways to go from here. We will focus on four during the week-end:


Many religions, serious scientific points of view, and Academic Communities now recognize that frequency and vibration are inherent in Living Entities (“Bio..”). To the extent that we elevate our consciousness, our peacefulness, and our information base, we are much more powerful in our ability to manifest our highest desires, community and personal. Educational Businesses now charge large sums to teach and train us to be more conscious. Spokespersons representing some of the best in consciousness will be featured, including some of the better known and historical Earth-Based Spirituality as it relates to The Texas Hill Country

Food and Water Security

Several great Movies have look(ed) at the precarious state of our Food Supply (Currently “Food, Inc” is still playing at the Dobie – Go see it !; “The Future of Food”, financed by the widow of Jerry Garcia (The Grateful Dead) is available through the Internet. Unless you’re willing to believe that Monsanto represents our benevolent Sugar Daddy as it employs its “terminator gene”, co-owned by the US Government, food and water seem to be the most urgent need for all of us. There are some clear answers for us that are central to Bioregional issues.

Community Building

It’s no accident that we developed as humans in bands, tribes and nomadic collectives. To the extent that we have given and/or continue to dole out our control over our community and personal resources and rights, even to the point of accepting mandatory medication (Fluoride) and forced Globalized Corporate Medicine (deadly vaccinations), it would seem we are easy prey to values that are not community-based. How do we seek valid security for our Bioregional entities, from our aquifers to our children’s and parent’s bodies? Many us are still afraid to knock our 20 year next door neighbor’s door and introduce ourselves. Bioregionally our community and it’s culture and policies should not come from Hollywood, New York, nor Brussels, Belgium. How do we begin to reform our identity as community in these times ??


The Transition Initiative, a global local-focus movement that began in Totnes, England is progressing painfully slowly but asking the right questions. What if the Internet was cut at about the same time that gasoline became affordable only to the wealthy. Maybe then public transportation was stopped much as it became unavailable in New Orleans post-Katrina. The truth is, I believe these direst of circumstances have the potential to turn into the perfect catalyst for our very best Community Answers. The Transition Initiative may be the best current structure, together with Community Gardens and Local Living Centers., for a developing GrassRoots movement toward a Decentrist Empowerment: a return to control of our own lives. I believe all of this, though having a dark-side, is cause for a discerning but exuberant celebration.

(Extra ) Party

So let’s celebrate !! Gratitude and celebration are among the strongest conscious-raising methods that exist. My Birthday occurs during this weekend. I invite all Bioregionalists and Libras, and people who love, respect and/or like Libras and/or Bioregionalists to join us Saturday evening, for another potluck supper and Birthday and Hill Country celebration. The address below is where the party is and the weekend events happen. Bring food to share, musical instruments, and anything appropriate for a campout (except dogs, we supply their presence on site). There is no charge.

Donations are accepted. This event is sponsored by the Colorado River Watershed Bioregional Congress. Please spread the word, and e-mail – or call Ted @ 512-476-1607 for more details. If we have your e-address, you will get more updata in about a week.

Peace, Love, and Health,